• 19ac99 Added license header for all files
  • 5d98a0 Added license header to scripts as well
  • 3ad819 Replaced array() with []
  • 181b48 Throw an exception if base or database config is not found
  • 740194 Changed default port of bin/server from 80 to 8080
  • 0eed31 Removed sudo
  • 0a2446 Added prepared statements to load() and count() + some fixes for indentation
  • c1a3d4 Changed Collection#where_conditions to use Sauce Vector and Object
  • 74c3da Mostly style changes
  • 47ed3b Renamed errors to stored_errors, so the variable does not collide with the method name
  • df32ec Added prepared statements for WHERE IN
  • c738f1 Adding docs to bacon
  • 15cbb7 Added first draft of Controllers documentation
  • e2a4f6 Allowing redirects from init()
  • 43a728 Fix for #1: Unify log/date format to ISO 8061
  • 0489da Model#validate is supposed to be protected, not public
  • 2494b1 Added ValidationError class


  • 9f0ac8 Fixed the Router to accept all-lowercase URI parts as well


  • 3dc900 Updated name of controllers directory (capital C)


  • faea74 Added a default value (true) for \Bacon\ORM\Model::timestamps
  • 76b9bc Copied over some content of the getting started page


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