Contribute & Support


Bacon, Sauce and the bacon-dist package are available as development versions (@dev or dev-master), as well as stable versions (currently 1.*). All packages are versioned according to the Semantic Versioning Specification (SemVer).

Bacon library support

If you encounter a problem with Bacon, please head over to our Bacon Github repository and create an issue.

Bacon-dist package

The composer package and skeleton project bacon-dist can be found on Github as well. If you encountered a problem, have questions or want to improve it, don't hesitate to create an issue or fork and fiddle around with it on your own)

Bacon-dist development version

To be able to work with the newest revisions of Bacon and Sauce, the master branches of bacon-dist and bacon reference the development versions/master branches of Bacon and Sauce. A project using these versions is created by using the create-project command followed by dev-master:

% composer create-project brainsware/bacon-dist CatBlog dev-master

Found a typo?

We host the website and all of its contents on Github as well. If you find a typo or think something is missing, head over to the repository and either create an issue or fork and fiddle around with it on your own.

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